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Pedal Ubin 13 June 2009- Registration OPEN!

Pedal Ubin is here again! Join the Toddycats for an exciting morning of stories-sharing, and appreciation of nature and heritage on Pulau Ubin. Of course, get a good workout on your bicycle along with all the fun.

Come join us on Saturday, 13 June 2009 from 8.30am to 12pm on Pulau Ubin, soon to be a last bastion of a kampung in Singapore!

For more information and registration details visit


An integrated trail at Envirofest 2009 @ Toa Payoh Hub

We’re going to Envirofest!

Envirofest is an important calendar event as we reach out the public at their natural habitat – the shopping/transport hub. You will meet people of all walks and children and most of what we tell them about local fauna and flora is fascinating news, so its important work.

Confirmed at the Toa Payoh Hub, Minister Yaakob (MEWR) will launch the event and it will run for two days. 21 organisations are confirmed for the event and at the recent meeting a few days ago, everyone is optimisitc and rarin’ to go!

The biodiversity groups are planning to present an integrated exhibit for the first time – a trail on the biodiversity in Singapore will that present sections on terrestrial, freshwater, mangrove and marine ecosystems; we hope this rough map will become a reality:

The critical difference as always is the public education guide, so please sign up here for a three hour shift duty (or two) at:

Toddycats exhibits will go modular into packages of specimens with relevant photos and stories. I will conduct training on two week nights at NUS to help prepare you.

Training dates:

  1. Wed 13 May 2009: 7pm – 10pm
  2. Thu 14 May 2009: 7pm-10pm

Exhibition details:

  • Sat 23 and Sun 24 May 2009
  • Setting up: 9am, Pull down at 8pm
  • Shift 1: 11am – 2pm
  • 2pm – 5pm
  • 5pm – 8pm

– N. Sivasothi a.k.a. Otterman

A Pedal Ubin Guide reflects

Ivan Khong has been a Pedal Ubin guide for Toddycats for half a decade now. Last night, he shared his reflection with fellow guides on why he has been guiding at Pulau Ubin regularly all these years and continues to do so.

The Pedal Ubin Guides are also known as the Jungle Fowls hence the feathery allusions.

“Reflections on the Puddles of Ubin,” by Ivan Khong, to Pedal Ubin Guides, 15 Mar 2009.

‘Ol Jungle Cock was doing some thinking last weekend. After roosting on my “throne”, here’s a little something to share..

Returning from work last sun, I did think about what most of us feel about the feeling of routine and perhaps even disillusionment we get from guiding. In my line of work, we probably say the same something at least a hundred times a week. But by doing so, lives are saved from adverse decisions (from doctors and nurses who are usually victims of too much/too little information). The patients are thus lucky because we humans speak the same language. The same can’t be said for nature.

For those of us who know and realize the importance and beauty of Mother Nature, it is our voice `she` depends on to air her plight and suffering (and importance). By doing what we do- by reaching out and informing the public through our work, we are slowly but surely spreading the word and light on conservation, preservation and much more. What may sound like same old to us could be enlightenment to others.

We had good rides and bumpy rides. We all had our foul ups and foul flights. Sometimes our feathers were ruffled; sometimes we added feathers to our cap. But one thing is for certain- each time we’re on Ubin doing what we do, we are slowly and surely creating and ensuring a better future for everyone, no matter how little we feel we’re doing. One drop of water doesn’t make a puddle, but if we all continue to work together, we can create an ocean.

Have a smooth wheeling and dealing week ahead!

Calendar 2009

Update – Calendar posted to the page, “Calendar 2009“.

In 2009, Raffles Museum Toddycats celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Department of Biological Sciences, National University of SIngapore.

Pasir Panjang Heritage []

  1. Sat 14 Feb 2009: 7am – Battle of Pasir Panjang Commemorative Walk
  2. Sat 16 May 2009: ?5.30pm, 6.30pm – M.I.A. Trail in conjunction with International Museum Day (IMD []
  3. Sat 25 Jul 2009: 8am, 9am – Pasir Panjang Heritage Walk in conjunction with Heritage Fest []
  4. Sat 29 Aug 2009: 8am – Victory in the Pacific Commemorative Walk

Pedal Ubin []

  1. Saturday, 07 March 2009: 8.30am
  2. Saturday, 13 June 2009: 8.30am
  3. Saturday, 26 September 2009: 8.30am
  4. Saturday, 12 December 2009: 8.30am

See Dugongs

International Coastal Cleanup Singapore [ and]

  1. Sat 04 Jul 2009: 8am – 12pm: ICCS Organiser’s Workshop
  2. Sat 05 Sep 2009: 8am – 12pm: ICCS Site Buddy Briefing
  3. Sat 05 Sep 2009: 2pm – 5pm: Mangrove recces
  4. Sat 12 Sep 2009: 8am – 12pm: ICCS Mangroves
  5. Sat 19 Sep 2009: 8am – 12pm: ICCS Beach
  6. Sat 30 Sep 2009: Data submission to Ocean Conservancy

Other details at the ICCS webpage.

Mangrove Mania

  • 19 Feb 2009 – Mandai mangroves workshop
  • 23 Feb 2009 – Mandai mangroves field trip
  • TBC: Mandai mangrove ghost net clearance (various dates; research trips)
  • Sun 06 Dec 2009: 7am – 12pm – Sungei Buloh Anniversary Celebrations []

Manly Marine – Talks by Sivasothi a.k.a. Otterman

  1. 26 Feb 2009 – Nanyang Polytechnic School of Chemical & Life Sciences.
  2. Sun 07 Jun 2009 – Environmental Youth Empowerment Asia Pacific
  3. Mon 08 Jun 2009 – Republic Polytechnic School of Applied Science Science Camp

Event-free months:

  • January (planning),
  • April (NUS Semester II exams),
  • Oct-Nov (ICCS data release; NUS end of Semester I and exams).

– N. Sivasothi a.k.a. Otterman

Photos from Sungei Buloh’s 15th anniversary celebrations

Photos from the weekend celebrations of the 15th anniversary of Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve are up on the web, All the first photos that I know are up on facebook and I’ve posted links to these albums on the Sungei Buloh Anniversary Walk facebook group links page .

Already there are photos by November Tan, Marcus Ng, Jacqueline Lau, Adelle Wang and Chua Ee Kiam—thanks for all the photos, people! Hop over, comment and tag away so your facebook friends realise some of their photos are out there too.

*Update: Now that we have a bunch of Flickr albums, here are links to Flickr albums at least for the non-Facebook users:

Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve thanks Toddycats

Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve thanked corporate sponsors and various volunteer groups during the 15th anniversary celebrations on Saturady 6th December 2008.

Raffles Museum Toddycats were thanked for our contributions to the park through the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore, Sungei Buloh Anniversary Walk and other education programmes. We received a lovely photo of one of my favourites in the mangrove, a stork-billed kingfisher!

Here are some of Jacqueline Lau’s photos off her facebook album:

Just some of the Toddycats who were there to do trail and specimen
guiding from 7.30am for the Sungei Buloh Anniversary Walk.

Cake cutting!

Toddycats celebrate Sungei Buloh’s 15th anniversary!

Toddycats are celebrating the 15th anniversary of the official opening of Singapore’s first wetlands reserve at Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve!

We conduct the free guided walk for the public every year but this year we are adding an exciting talk by Otterman (“Adventures in the Mud!”) as well as an examination of mangrove specimens from the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research.

It will be held over two two days – the mornings of 6th (Saturday) and 7th (Sunday) of December 2008.

For details see Habitatnews.