Programmes during the pandemic 

We re-oragnised our activities during this period of pandemic mitigation to the following:

  1. Ecosystem restoration at Kranji Coastal Nature Park – for now, this comprises three types of events:  soil preparation, tree planting and sapling protection action (SPA).  We are looking for Team Leaders.
  2. Mangrove cleanups –  we still conduct mangrove cleanups and are looking for Team Leaders. We also help to initiate long-term adoptions by others and redirect all beach cleanup interests to the East Coast Beach Plan community. 
  3. Biodiversity Friends Forum – Toddycats initiated BFF in 2017 with NParks and  contribute to the programme now as seniors and mentors. We are looking for event support crew and field guides.
  4. Webinars – we are focusing on speaking in events organised by others, and have organised just a few of our own in ICCS. Occasional summaries are provided on this blog here but follow our Facebook page which highlights many opportunities. 
  5. Active participative in Friends of Parks and other engagement processes with URA, MPD, etc.


See the Toddycats outreach log.

  1. Public Exhibitions Team – We set up exhibitions at public events in collaboration with other organisations, bringing zoological specimens from the Raffles Museum and posters about our activities and education messages to public venues around Singapore. The signature event since 2012 is the Festival of Biodiversity. In the past, major exhibitions have included:


  • Organising and supporting Symposia – We have organised and supported major biodiversity symposia in Singapore of which the signature event is the Biodiversity Symposium of Singapore (BoSS)


  • Kent Ridge/Pasir Panjang Heritage Trail – This trail began in its current form in 2002. Now, different versions of the trail are offered three times a year to the public beginning in NUS or Kent Ridge Park and ending at Reflections at Bukit Chandu. During the walk, participants learn about the plants, animals, history and geography of Kent Ridge, the southern islands and the heroic but tragic Battle of Pasir Panjang in collaboration with National Archive’s Reflections at Bukit Chandu.

  • Pedal Ubin! – introduce the public to cycling safely and using a mountain bicycle effectively. The tour introduces the fauna and flora of various ecosystems on Ubin – mangroves, secondary forests, plantations, sandy and rocky shores as well as the famous stories of Ubin’s residents such as the German Girl and the monk who walked from Thailand to set up a temple here as well as other major events. Guides help with the recce, oversee safety, directions, help parents and kids, maintain communications and teach participants to handle their bicycles and learn about Ubin’s nature on wheels!

  • Sungei Buloh Anniversary Walk – Each December, we offer this special walk to celebrate Sungei Buloh’s birthday (official designation as a nature park in 1993) – a team of experienced guides relate interesting stories from the mangroves and supplement them with quizzes and corny jokes! Since the 15th anniversary of the park, we include the exhibitions team and a public talk.

  • International Coastal Cleanup Singapore (ICCS) – This is an annual international event held on the third Saturday of September in which volunteers tackle the beaches and mangroves of Singapore, categorising trash in the morning. The data is part of an international effort to understand the type and quantity of coastal pollution at a global scale. Volunteer Zone and Site Captains conduct recces, mark out work areas, oversee safety and impact in mud and water, facilitate data collation and liaise with schools, corporate groups and other government bodies.

  • Populating the internet with the good stuff
  • Discontinued programmes