Join us for our NUS Toddycats activities in May – July 2021

Hello everyone,

We have been busy supporting the Biodiversity Friends Forum in unrolling the Biodiversity Challenge 2021, and we got little busy during the semester. And now we have begun planning for several programmes:

  1. Ecosystem Restoration – Team Leaders are needed for soil prep, tree-planting, sapling protection and monitoring. Training provided.
  2. Mangrove cleanups – Team Leaders are needed for supervising mangrove cleanups. Training provided.
  3. Festival of Biodiversity – Team members wanted for communicating about conservation with members of public at an exhibition and guided walks. Training provided. 

Each project involves a 3-hour of training and then you get deployed to three events of 3-hours each. You are welcome to do more of course! 

We will conduct a briefing in mid-May, after undergraduate exams. If you are keen to get involved, let us know here!

See you soon!

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