Annual calendar in prep

1. Pasir Panjang Heritage
Feb – Battle Commemoration – Sun 10 Feb 2008
Feb – Schools collaboration – Sat 16 Feb 2008
May – International Museum Day (night tour) – Sat 24 May 2008: 5.30pm, 6.30pm
Jul – Heritage Fest – Sat 19 Jul 2008 & Sat 26 Jul 2008: 8am – 12pm

2. Pedal Ubin
1st Sat of Mar, 
1st Sat of Jun, 
1st Sat of Sep and 
1st Sat of Dec.

3. Public Gallery Guides
Mar – Open House for Alumni
May – International Museum Day lunch time tours
May – International Museum Day night tours
Jul – Heritage Fest 
Sep – ICCS workshop

4. Public Exhibitions Team
Oct – NUS Green Carnival
Other events to be determined

5. Labrador Rocky Shore
Mar – Rocky shore walk
Other events TBD.

6. International Coastal Cleanup Singapore
Jan-Mar: Registration, planning and 2007 results
Mar – Jun: Workshop for organisations
Jul-Aug: Recces
Sep-Oct: ICCS events in Singapore and Bintan 

7. Sungei Buloh Anniversary Walk

8. Toddycats Engage!
Feb – Annual gathering
Other meeting dates to be determined.


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