Festival of Biodiversity 25 & 26 September 2021 @ SBG!

The Festival of Biodiversity is anchored by a physical exhibition et up at the Botany Center in Singapore Botany Gardens (at the Tanglin entrance), and is a good way to learn about the various nature programmes offered by National Parks Boards and nature groups who are part of the Biodiversity Roundtable. 

NUS Toddycats is a founding member for this festival which was first launched in 2012, and we will set up a static booth there for the weekend.  It will be unmanned due to pandemic mitigation but will be part of a series of informative booths to learn about nature programmes in Singapore. Screenshot 1839


One response to “Festival of Biodiversity 25 & 26 September 2021 @ SBG!

  1. How do I join as a volunteer with toddycats….to do beach cleanups, save seedlngs and plant trees, mangroves etc

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