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Shelter Pawject: Toddycats June visit to Uncle Khoe’s K9 and PawPerfectLove Shelters

Registration has opened for our Shelter Pawject’s next trip on Sunday, 11th June 2017, 9.00am – 1.00pm.

Join us for a morning of washing, bathing, feeding and walking with our furry friends! Register at Eventbrite


Scrubdown! Our first 2017 shelter visit to Uncle Khoe’s K9 & Paw Perfect Love Shelter

Sun 19 Feb 2017 – The Shelter Pawject made the first of four trips to Uncle Khoe’s K9 & Paw Perfect Love shelters. The team of 20 volunteers were armed with cleaning supplies, logistics and home-cooked food, and ready for a good workout!

Many pairs of hands make quick work indeed – in just three hours, hard scrubbing removed algae and moss off the floor and furniture, old cabinets were replaced, and shelter dogs were fed with nutritious home-cooked food. Everyone put heard and soul into the scrub down to ensure a healthy though small environment for the resident dogs. And three volunteers (Robina, Xinlei & Jing) decided to become walkers for the cooped up canines.

Thanks to everyone who made our trip a success – all the volunteers for the hard work and effort, Jane for sponsoring the logistics (2 metal cabinets, 120L dustbin & gogovan) and Say Lin for sponsoring the photoshoot. Also, thanks to the shelters for having us!

Not forgetting our fur pals (Nokia, Baby Girl, Bella and all) – we filled your bowls but you filled our hearts. See you all soon! 🙂

TSP firs trip.png


By Grace & Joys Tan

Toddycats roll out a quarterly animal shelter spring cleaning project with “The Shelter Pawject”

Shelters as well as their occupants deserve a good scrub down, so my former students have banded together to start “The Shelter Pawject”. These Toddycats and doggie owners Joys & Grace Tan, Ong Say Lin and Amanda Tan know the need for consistent and thorough work, so have arranged to spring-clean shelters four times a year. Besides that tough work, there will be the joyous activity of bathing, walking and feeding dogs too.

If you are ready to sweat it out, get wet and dirty, and are comfortable around dogs, both big and small, the first scrubdown is at Uncle Khoe’s K9 shelter on Sun 19 Feb, 1.00pm – 4.00pm. There are 20 places, and for details and registration, visit their Facebook page.

The Shelter Pawject